26 October 2011

Santiago, Chile: Starbucks and Salsa

Today was a full day of school, Starbucks (Kim, Sophia, and I finally found a Starbcuks in Santiago...it only took three and a half weeks!), more school, studying, and then tonight...salsa!  Though I am excited to travel, I can't believe that my time in Santiago is nearly over--it seems like I just got here yesterday.  At least I have three more fun nights to look forward to!


grandma feldt said...

Jamiann,Grandpa & I all laughed at your picture tonight!Love ya

linda feldt said...

Salsa sounds like fun dance one for your mom. Enjoy your last few days there and give Matais a goodbye hug from me. Please e-mail a heads up on your next leg of the journey. Be safe Love & prayers mom