04 October 2011

Santiago, Chile: Fountains...or Should I Say, Las Fuentes

Today was the second day of class, and we all had to speak for four hours--really good for forcing us to learn Spanish, but very tiring!  After class, Kim, Max, and I had a traditional lunch at the restaurant near the school.  One of our professors told us about it, and it's a good thing she gave us good directions, because the place doesn't have a sign...or menus for that matter--they serve one dish daily, and if you like it, great, but if not, you're out of luck.  It's a good deal, though--fresh juice, soup, bread, rice, meat, and dessert for US$6, including tip!  All of then went down to the median of one of Santiago's main avenues to study (the medians here are bit more elaborate than the ones in the US...see the picture above) and people-watch.  More studying, dinner, and more studying rounded off the day...oh, and some ice cream, of course :-)


grandma feldt said...

Did you speak English or Spanish during lunch? Love ya

linda feldt said...

Hey Kate are you teaching in the afternoons. Still waiting for a picture of Mathias. Hope all is well. Be safe Love & prayers mom

Gala said...

She speaks only Spanish now. I converted her. :)
Miss the Feldts!