23 November 2011

Cusco, Peru: Azul Wasi, The Blue House

This is where I am volunteering!  It's way out in the country, about an hour from Cusco by bus and then a half-hour walk from there.  The gate is really nice, but I'm not entirely sure what function it has, as you can literally walk right around it.  I suppose it does prevent unwanted vehicles from going in, which is good.  I've settled on going out there three days a week, then spending the rest of my time studying (classes here are much harder than they were in Santiago!) and exploring a bit of Peru.

This is Danny, age eight  Yesterday, he and I were working on comparing fractions.  His sister, Carmen Rosa, age 6, is also at Azul Wasi.  Both of them are full of energy, and tons of fun to be around.  I can't wait to go back tomorrow to keep helping and to start teaching English classes!


grandma feldt said...

Little Danny looks so happy, enjoy!

linda feldt said...

You are so special Katie and what you do is great. Please be safe Love & prayers mom