03 November 2011

Buenos Aires to El Calafate, Argentina: To the End of the World

This morning, Thomas and I had one last empanada and coffee in Palermo, our local neighborhood in Buenos Aires, before I had to head to the airport.

The view of Buenos Aires from the air was pretty great, but if I had to choose...

...I think I'd rather have this one!  The view of the mountains, the lake from the glacier run-off, and the clouds as the plane came down into El Calafate was absolutely spectacular, and it made me remember how nice it is to see blue sky.

El Calafate, which is in the region known as Patagonia, is situated on the shores of a giant lake, and I walked down to the edge to get a better view of the mountains (you can see them in the background above) at sunset.  Not bad!

Another shot as sun was almost down.  Plan for tomorrow: climb a glacier.


linda feldt said...

wow the glacier will be great Kate. Thanks for sharing Please be safe. Love & prayers mom

grandma feldt said...

Great to hear from you! Love ya