04 September 2011

Porto, Portugal: A Portly Affair

Today I began the final portion of my journey: the solo part.  I flew from Frankfurt to Porto, Portugal, and am poised to travel around the Iberian peninsula from north to south.  Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal, is quite beautiful, with its river Douro that feeds into the Atlantic, its red-roofed houses on hills (see above), and its scores of boats transporting wine and coal.

In addition to being a big shipping port, Porto is also famous for being part of the famous Portugal wine and port region.  In keeping with my penchant for all things local, after walking around for a bit, I grabbed a seat at a local cafe for a late-afternoon salad and a glass of local port while watching the activity on the river.

After my river expedition, there were stairs to be climbed!  I headed up some 225-odd steps along a delightful corridor filled with drying laundry, playing kids, and varied architecture.  This shot most closely captures the 'typical' Porto street that I was wandering today.

I happened to catch this church at the right moment, but these ceramic blue and white tiles are on churches and houses all over the city.  Called azules (which translates to blue in Spanish, but I don't know what it is in Portuguese), this decorative style is a hold-over from ages past.  I'm excited to discover more hidden nooks and crannies of this city tomorrow, and then...on to somewhere else!


grandma feldt said...

Loved seeing the castle and color of the water in Bled. Home from Pentwater wkend, missed you. Looking forward to your new blog tonight! Love ya

linda feldt said...

Dear Katie Glad to see you eating healthy - including red wine for the heart. The blue tiles remind me of the one you brought back from your last Europe trip. The port scene looks portly. The solo part I'm not super comfortable with so I continue many intercessions for you daily. Be safe love & prayers mom Let's set up a skype date!!!