01 September 2011

Croatia: Drop Everything and Come

Today Danny and I saw some of the most stunning natural beauty either of us has ever seen. I will try to give you a brief glimpse in pictures, but be warned: in no way to these pictures come remotely close to doing justice to this country. We began our day with an early-morning hike in Plitvice Lakes National Park, which was more of what we saw yesterday.

After Plitvice Lakes, we drove south for two hours to visit Krka National Park, which has lake formations similar to those at Plitvice, but many more waterfalls (and more people). The picture above is one of the many perfect shots that were in every direction we looked.

And other amazing shot from Krka--I can't get over it.

The really neat thing about this park is that you can actually swim in one of the waterfalls! Though crowded, it was still really cool, both literally and figuratively.

After Krka, we started the four-hour drive to Dubrovnik, which turned out to be in the top two most beautiful drives I have ever taken. Croatia's Highway 8 goes right along the Adriatic Coast the entire way, and the little towns and islands near the coast are absolutely stunning. The picture above gives a good example, but there were hundreds more just like it.

After a bit of a drive, I decided I needed a swim...

...and then we stopped for pictures of the sunset. This is where my pictorial account will end, but the rest of the night included getting through Bosnia, getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, and...stay tuned for more info. Gotta love adventures :-)


C. Louise said...

I need to go to Croatia!!!!

grandma feldt said...

So happy to hear from you and the country is beautiful and where your gr grandma and grandpa were born! Cant believe she never told us about it! Keep blogging. Love ya!

linda feldt said...

absolutely gorgeous and you look so happy to be swimming. Enjoy labor day weekend be safe. Love & prayers mom

Anonymous said...

It does look absolutely great! I might go to see Croatia sometimes :-) How are the people over there? Friendly? Take care! Katrin