20 September 2011

Barcelona, Spain and Zurich, Switzerland: Coming Full Circle

This morning, Anna, Kassie, and I had breakfast together, and then my new Australian friends were off to Venice!  I had a few more hours before I needed to catch my plane, so I headed down to La Rambla for one last wander and to pick up some fresh fruit for the day at La Boquiera, which was fitting: I think one of the biggest things I am going to miss about Europe is the fresh food markets in literally every town.

After La Boquiera, it was time to fly to Zurich.  An uneventful but beautiful flight over the Alps, I touched down just before sunset.  After dropping off my bags, I walked down to take one last look at the lake.  Rather poetic that I have a picture in this exact spot from my first day in Europe three months ago, isn't it?

Fortunately for me, I was able to catch the last few moments of the sunset over Zurich.  Beautiful!

And not bad by night either!  Zurich was a lovely city in which to spend my last European night, and a great place for contemplating how amazing the past three months have been.  One more day until the USA...stay tuned tomorrow for a special message :-)


grandma feldt said...

Hope your flight is smooth! Excited to see you!Love ya

C. Louise said...

Safe travels!! <3

linda feldt said...

Again writing catch up as I was trying to get the house spruced up for your return. Loved the picture where we stood three months ago and the shots at night really make the city shine. LOL It was a shame we were too tired to go out at night the first and only night we were there. But the memories of my time spent across the pond with you will last forever. Thank you. Be safe! Love & prayers mom