02 September 2011

Croatia: An Island and a Drive

This morning, we basked in the vacation atmosphere of Dubrovnik.  First, we got delicious gelato for breakfast by the sea.

Next, we took the ferry over to the island of Lopud.  We hiked around the island, inadvertently stumbling upon a nudist beach full of old men (thank goodness it was at a distance!) and some wild peacocks, then went swimming in the Adriatic, which was glorious.

This is the view near where we swam.
Swimming in the Adriatic Sea!

After our island adventure, we took the ferry back to the mainland, and began our nine-hour drive up the Croatian coast from Dubrovnik (see above--and yes, the whole coast looks like this), through Bosnia, and into Slovenia.  A new country awaits exploration tomorrow!

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linda feldt said...

You always look so happy in the water and it is such a beautiful blue. So glad you and Danny are keeping each other company on your trip abroad. Love & Prayers mom