15 August 2011

Vienna, Austria: A Walk on the Hapsburg Side

Today we wandered around the Hapsburg Palace complex of Vienna.  Amongst the various buildings (which are now national libraries and museums), we found the Schatzkammer, which houses the Austrian Crown Jewels and various ecclesiastic treasures.  The picture above is a sample of what we saw.

We also stumbled upon the Rathaus (town hall), which was architecturally lovely and beautifully decorated with red flowers.

Kathryn and I in one of the squares encompassed by the Hapsburg Palace.

St. Peter's, a beautifully baroque church, holds a special place in our hearts: in addition to being the oldest continuous community in Austria (since the Roman times), it was a welcome shelter from the rain this afternoon.  Despite the rain, we were able to hear Mass in German (it was the feast of the Assumption) and have our first honest-to-goodness great meal in quite some time...yay!


grandma feldt said...

Happy to hear you had a good meal! See you tomarrow!Love ya

linda feldt said...

Dear Katie say goodby to Kathryn and thanks from us for accompanying you on your travels. Enjoyed today's pictures. St Peter's looks awesome and the crowns look very regal. Were the flowers real?? Love & miss you. We'll send hugs with Grandma, Grandpa and Jamiann. Hopefully we can blog this week with all of you. Love & prayers mom