12 August 2011

Czech Republic: Czech Motorcycle Grand Prix?

Kathryn and I took the train to south-central Czech Republic this morning, and ended up in a small town called Brno.  Brno also happens to be the host of the Czech Republic Motorcycle Grand Prix, which just happens to be the weekend we are here.  For those of you who are familiar with Muskegon Bike Time, imagine a Czech version, and you have the general idea.  Motorcycles and their riders everywhere, tents and beer, live music, and a random patch of sand transported to city center...more details will follow as we figure out exactly what is going on here!

One of our first stops in Brno was for desert, since we are apparently back in the land of gelato...yay!

A view of one of the streets of Brno as the sun is setting.  We're excited to explore the quaint (and motorcycle-overrun) town tomorrow!


grandma feldt said...

Enjoy! Love ya

linda feldt said...

Dear Daughter, I just had rasberry chocoate chip from temtations and your gelato picture still looked scrumptous. Thanks for sharing the motorcycle grand prix pics and thinking of your dad. Have a great time and fill us in about the sand??? Love & prayers mom