09 August 2011

Prague, Czech Republic: The Land of Royalty

Kathryn and I had one goal today: explore the Prague Castle--and all of the many buildings that reside within its walls--as fully as possible.  That being said, we got up, got some breakfast near the Old Square (see above), and headed across the river to the castle.

Our first stop within the castle walls was St. Vitus, a Gothic cathedral continuously built from the 900s until 1929, when the last piece was finished to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of St. Wenceslaus, patron saint of the Czech Republic.  The cathedral was the focal point within the medieval castle, and still casts a commanding shadow over the complex, which is now the seat of presidential affairs of the Czech Republic.  My favorite parts of the cathedral were the beautiful stained glass windows, one of which is pictured above.

Our next stop within the castle walls was Golden Lane, a very famous Czech street featuring medieval houses (which are now shops that reflect the trades of the original homeowners) and lots of tourists.  Kathryn and I posed in front of No. 22, which is where Franz Kafka wrote Metamorphosis.  The house has since been turned into (poetically enough) a bookshop.

After our day of exploring the the castle, we headed back across the Charles Bridge for dinner and a discount classical music concert, which was actually quite good.  Before we went back to the hostel, we stepped back on the bridge to view the castle by night...and what a view it was!  Prague by night is truly spectacular.


linda feldt said...

Dear Kate, I read the Metamorphosis by Kafka, good book. We were not ou and about to much at night in Italy but I love the castle shot at night above. Great talking to you today. Be safe. Love & Prayers mom

grandma feldt said...

Great pictures! Got your card. Love ya