18 August 2011

Paris, France: And Then We Walked

We started our day today with a 3.5 hour free tour of Paris.  Our guide, who was from England, was very knowledgeable, and gave us a tour of many of the main city monuments and their history.  He also took us to a great restaurant for a late-afternoon lunch.  The picture above is the family holding the lucky ring by the River Seine, which Parisians say will make the wish you wish while holding it come true.  Good luck wishes!

Midway through our tour, we took a bathroom break at Starbucks (it's one of the few places with free bathrooms), and Jamiann and I whipped up some new hairstyles, featured above.

After the tour and lunch, we headed up to the Montmarte to fulfill some people's wishes...Jamiann wanted to go shopping, and Grandpa wanted ice cream (for the second time today).  We tried to take this picture four times, and this is the best we got (for those of you who know Jim Feldt, you know what I mean!).

Also in Montmarte, at the top of the hill, is Sacre Coeur, a beautiful church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with a lovely park in the front.  We explored both the church and park thoroughly, and we even tried our hand bartering at the local street sellers' market.

After picking up some dinner at the local bread and cheese shops, our last stop of the day was the famed Moulin Rouge.  Don't worry, we didn't go in, but the red windmill is iconic, and the surrounding area is a must-see, if only for the shock value.  We headed back to the hotel...and thus ended literally nine solid hours of walking!

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