27 August 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark: Grandpa's Homeland!

Today we flew from Berlin to Copenhagen.  This is Grandpa as he first set foot on his homeland on the tarmac of the Kastrup International Airport.  He was really excited!  (Unfortunately, this is the most sun that we saw all day.)  After collecting our baggage, we had our first experience with the efficient (but expensive) Danish public transport system on the way to our hotel.

Since we were already damp, we decided to embrace the water and go for a boat tour, which officially marked the fifth consecutive city that I have toured by boat (Grandma and Grandpa have been on a boat tour in every city!).  One of the first things we saw was the statue of The Little Mermaid, commemorating that fact that the fairy tale was written by Denmark's favorite son, Hans Christian Andersen.  As you can see in the photo, the tourists were swarming on shore...but the statue is actually pretty tiny.

Another of the sites we saw was the New Harbor, which is actually one of the oldest in Copenhagen.  It was one of the original harbors that the sailors of the shipping and fishing vessels used to come to for a party after a long time at see.  Now, it's lined with expensive seafood restaurants and houses, and the harbor itself is lined with ships, from beautiful three-masted schooners to new fiberglass creations.

After our boat tour, we walked around some of Copenhagen's many pedestrian-only streets, trying our best to dodge the intermittent rain.  Both the boat and the walk gave us a good overview of the city, and we are ready to start our sight-seeing of Grandpa's homeland in earnest tomorrow!

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linda feldt said...

Looks wet but fun. The Boston Whaler is done and we went to Fremont Lake today. Have fun touring Copenhagen tomorrow. Love & prayers mom