08 July 2011

Vienna, Austria: Artistic Genius

The day begin with a delicious breakfast of coffee and apple strudel, an Austrian specialty....yum.  After that, Janine and I explored the Albertina, a museum featuring art from the Impressionists (Monet was my favorite) up through contemporary (no pictures allowed, hence the strudel shot).
After the museum, we came back to get ready to go to the big show, an orchestral performance of a medley of Mozart compositions at the famed Vienna Opera House.  The show was wonderful!  The acoustics in the venue are amazing (no mikes, even for the singers), the orchestra's balance was superb, their flautist was truly a virtuoso, and they even used the variations of instruments that were historically accurate to the age of Mozart.  A little Strauss thrown in as an encore made our night was complete!
The shot above is outside the opera house after the show.  It's a little dark, but the building was actually very artistically lit up, making it a pretty end to a lovely night.


grandma feldt said...

I hope you are keeping a journal on all you have seen. Its so much to remember. Love ya !

Jaylin and Mom said...

Breakfast looks tasty! Wish I could sing at the opera house :) Try to meet some of the members of the boys choir!

Mom says hi and wishes she was still there!

Debra said...

Wow Katie, Now you are speaking my language bikes and wine and Mass!!! Life is good enjoy. This blog is as good or better than postcards!