19 July 2011

Sibiu, Romania: An Old Town

Today we explored the small but delightful town of Sibiu.  One of the cities of Romania that was used as a garrison during the Austo-Hungarian empire, there are still traces of the medieval wall surrounding the city.  Sibiu is situated firmly in Transylvania, and only became a part of Romania with the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian empire after World War I.  The shot above is on the cobbled street leading into the town's many square.

On the city's main square, eating gelato in celebration of a quarter of a century :-)

The tower of Sibiu's Evangelical Church, one of the most important community centers in the city until the revolution in 1989, surrounded by local shops and residences (most buildings date from medieval times).

The other important church in the city in a to-scale replica of the Haggai Sophia (in Constantinople) which was constructed in 1906.  This is the Orthodox center of the town, and the walls are beautifully painted.  The locals kept coming in off the street in a continuous stream to briefly pray--it was very interesting.


Debra said...

Happy Birthday to Katie Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 WOW


It was wonderful seeing and talking to you on your 25th birthday, Love Ya!

Erica Mae said...

Happy Birthday Katie!! Hope it was fabulous... how exactly do you plan to top this for next year??