15 July 2011

Siofok, Hungary: The Hungarian Version of the Jersey Shore

As a result of our train encounter with the Austrian fellows, Janine and I decided to take a mini-beach vacation in Siofok, which is hailed as Hungary's summer vacation and party capital.  Situated on the edge of a giant lake, the beaches are reasonably nice, the water is cool, and we finally got a break from the heat.  However...it is definitely the Hungarian version of the Jersey Shore!  There are scads of 16-25-year-olds livin' for the night--nothing is open until noon and the giant clubs don't close until 5am.

Our 4:30am wake-up call this morning made us decide to go for cappuccino instead of liquor tonight, but who knows what tomorrow will bring :-)


grandma feldt said...

Looks nice but crowded. Enjoy! Love ya

linda feldt said...

Hey Kate & Janine Looks like your covering a lot of ground. Glad your finding swimming spots Kate. Lake Michigan was 56 today but its so hot we still went in. Miss you ps you didn't have any phone messages