18 July 2011

Sibiu, Romania: Happy birthday Grandpa!

First of all, happy birthday from Romania, Grandpa!  I hope you can read the sign...I'm sorry it wasn't in front of something more interesting, but all I did today was take an eleven-hour train ride from Budapest, Hungary to Sibiu, Romania.  The landscape outside was nice, but it was dark outside by the time we got to the mountains.  Tomorrow should be beautiful, though.
It rained on the train ride, and there was a lovely rainbow, just barely visible behind the old, broken train (those seem to dot the tracks everywhere here).  I am quite excited to start exploring tomorrow--my first few hours in Romania have left me with many questions that I hope will be answered over the next few days.

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grandma feldt said...

It was wonderful talking and seeing you and HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY! We will celebrate in Paris ! enjoying all the blogs. Love ya