26 June 2011

Padua, Italy: Happy 30th Anniversary!

Mass at the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua was an amazing experience--in a room with at least 700 people and a world-class choir singing to you in eight-part harmony, it's hard not to have a good experience.  There are so many people that they have Mass every hour on Sundays!  And it's really hard to get a people-free picture, as you can see from my best attempt above.  Mom and I were thinking of our beloved Fr. Tony the whole time, as this saint is his patron.

We ate some leftover croissants for breakfast in one of the church's courtyards, which you can see behind me.  These courtyards are invariably well-kept, with beautiful flowers, and all the churches we've been to have had a least one.  My silhouette says hello to all!  Also, happy 30th anniversary to my mom and dad!  Dad, sorry I stole Mom from you...she sends her love.


patti feldt said...

Happy Anniversary Linda,Dan called yesterday, alot of rain but having fun. We love the pictures you are sending! We love you both!

Jaylin said...

Happy Anniversary Mom!!!! Hope you and Katie are having fun :)