27 June 2011

Bologna, Italy: Hot and Tasty

Bologna--which, for future reference, is not pronounced like nor does it feature 'balony'--was a true Italian city.  We only heard English once or twice all day, and I was able to practice my Spanish/Italian mix a fair bit.  As we head south, what the Italians call 'African heat' is kicking it--and boy, is it toasty.  Fortunately, once of the city's attraction is the Fontana di Neptune, which not only features the impressive Neptune and his sirens (naked, of course), but also a cool place to sit and wash your face and get a drink.

Despite the heat, Mom and I managed to snag some fragola and caribe gelato (strawberry and vanilla rum) for an afternoon cool-down, as well as some traditional Bolognese food (tortilleni and tagliatelle alla Bolognese) for dinner, as pictured above.  What a yummy finish to a delicious day!


Jaylin said...

Looks delicious!!

patti feldt said...

love your pictures and travelog. Dad made it home safe. Love ya

A. Sue said...

How beautiful! The food,from your description, sounds and looks pretty darn good too. Thanks for your blog. So enjoying the travel with you.

Love, A. Sue and U. Ken
( he is still in SD, but will take him thru it when he gets home.)