23 June 2011

Milan, Italy: Old and New

Milano's Il Duomo is beautiful inside and out!  The picture above is one of the side chapels on the inside, where Mom and I began our sightseeing after taking the morning train from Zurich.  After spending an hour or so exploring the inside, we took the plunge (or should I say climb?) and ascended 165 stairs to the roof of Europe's second-biggest church...and the view was worth it.

Though we started with the old (and continued to see it in the form of a few more churches and a great museum), Milan also has quite a bit of new, most visibly in the form of incredible (and pricey!) fashion and food and hordes of bustling businesspeople.  We ended our day where it began, at Il Duomo,which is absolutely lovely as the sun is setting.

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patti feldt said...

the pictures are beautiful, keep posting them ! Sounds like you are having a great time. love ya xo